Donald's Goods Train/

Donald, Douglas and the Goods Train

Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date Thursday July 11th, 2013
Written by TheNewGuy01
Directed by TheNewGuy01
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Thomas Pulls It In! A Day in the Life of Edward


Donald and Douglas are Twins. One after noon, Boco had broken down. The Engines at the Quarry are sad. Sir Topham Hatt recutes Donald and Douglas to do the Work. Donald is chossen to take some Goods to the Fishing villege. Douglas wants to help, But Donald refuses. Donald puffs hard, down the track. Finally it is near Noon. The boat is leaveing at 2. Luckly, Douglas pulls by, And asks Donald if he Wants help. Douglas comlies, and together, They make to the Boat.



  • A Deleted Scene shows Percy and Harold.


  • How can Boco break down, When in Thomas pulls it in, The second line is: "All the engines had a Tune Up.." Boco in there. How can He break down?